Today's beauty industry sets standards for us that are anything but attainable; a farce in the eyes of nature. At the Pointed Pearl we choose to focus on nourishing your living body with food grade, organic, and herbal products, A skin care consultation that encourages progress, not perfection is a key part of every treatment session. True beauty comes from Source; that is always inside of us and cannot be manufactured. From the way we feel when we eat a lovely meal with sweet friends, or  sitting alone at the top of a boulder in the desert at sunset. To the ultimate rejuvenation and change of perception we may feel after a bit of time off work and away from the city.

We are imperfect beauties; at times errant, fallible. This is what makes us all uniquely precious. 

A facial with the Pointed Pearl is about much more than just pretty. We recognize that this wild world has sculpted you into the masterpiece that you are, and aim to enhance your own personal power and poised strength. Mind, body, and spirit all all taken into account by the Esthetician during a treatment session. Through observation, relaxation, and consultation, we identify and refine the inherent beauty inside us all.